Mill to fit

Graz I: Mill to fit

Be part of the Robarch team

At the TU Graz a team of young researcher work on the usage of industrials robots in the field of architecture and engineering. The goal is to use the machine as a milling tool producing structural elements in big scale. It is not only the parametric approach and the complexity of geometry that explains the examination with this topic; it is the examination with materials and their properties to them bring up. For example the precise milling of stressed contactfaces of thin double curves members made form concrete should lead to a new building method for shell structures (Grazer Betontage)

Especially and only for the robarch2012 conference we designed the archrob made from FOAMGLAS. This porous material is used milling several work pieces but together to a classic arch. The contactfaces are reduced to a minimum and open the space between the joints. The only parameter of the openings is the force flow along the arch.

Being part of the robarch team the Roboterdesignlabor offers deep view into the usage of the robot as a precise milling machine. Starting with the parametric CAD files based on Rhino we will go through the production chain using the tool hypermill as a professional CAM software. Linking this data to the work table and the ABB IRB 6660 it is necessary to define milling tools and the work object. After controlling collisions with the programm pi-path the real production process can start.

Putting the fabricated element into the arch elements chain you can close the structure to a load carrying transparent construction.

Topics of the workshop:
  • How works an arch construction? Basics of structural design.
  • How can you transfer this information in a parametric CAD model?
  • How to get this data in professional CAM software?
  • Get knowledge about the industrial robot and the tools.
  • Mill the work piece and put it into the construction?

Andreas Trummer, Stefan Peters, Felix Amtsberg, Jürgen Holl, Max Fiebich