Robotic Casting

Graz II: Robotic Casting
GSD Harvard

  Design Robotics Group (DRG) will offer a robot workshop at the 2012 Vienna RobArch conference. Entitled ‘Robotic Casting’ we will explore novel casting methods that take unique advantage of precise robotic movements and joint orientations. Within the space of three days participants will produce an installation for the Vienna conference. Hosted by the TU Graz we will use a workcell with three ABB IRB 140 robots. Visit the RobArch web site.

Institution: Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Design Robotics Group
Workshop Co-Chairs: Martin Bechthold & Jonathan King
Robot Type: 3 x ABB IRB 140
Robot Controller: IRC 5, Robotware 5.14
Payload: 6 kg each
Special Equipment: Custom End Effectors, Mill
Software: ABB RobotStudio, Rhino, Grasshopper with custom components
The workshop explores novel approaches to serially customized casting processes enabled through the strategic deployment of three 6-axis robotic manipulators. Combining bottom up and top down design approaches, the workshop includes the design and fabrication of robotic molds geared towards the production of customizable structural components. The workshop production process takes full advantage of the robots ability to precisely choreograph the mold position in space and time. The production will generate a controlled yet infinitely variable family of structural modules that combine into a larger physical prototype.