concrete furniture - Möbel aus UHPC

Planning and manufacturing process of a table made out of UHPC. The table was designed within a course at the faculty of Architecture (Institute for Architecture Technology).

The work addresses the architectural, constructive and structural design aspects on the one hand, and the development of different manufacturing variants on the other hand. The technical feasibility was tested by constructing a prototype.

Betreuer TU-Graz: F.X. Forstlechner

Term: Fall 2010/11

Team TU Graz:
Institute of Structural Design (ITE): F.X. Forstlechner
Institute for Architecture Technology (IAT): Tim Lüking

1. Price_Julia Jernij Selected projects (clockwise, starting top left) Martin Zimmermann, Taavi Henttonen, Dietmar Reinbacher und Daniela Ehrenleitner 
Formwork of a prototype with centric CFK layer
Formwork concept

>> Betonkolloquium Graz _ concrete furniture [PDF]