Cevisama 2015

At this year's International exhibition of Ceramics in architecture, the
Cevisama 2015 in Valencia Spain, the Institute of Structural Design was represented with two exhibition contributions, which have been developed in cooperation with Martin Bechthold (Professor at Harvard GSD and Director of MaPS Group)
Under the title
„Protoceramics“ the limits and potentials were of the material were tested using large shapes made of thin-walled ceramic plates (about 3.20 mx 1.20 m). The experiments were carried out in participation with Felix Amtsberg during his research stay at Harvard GSD. Elastic bending behavior, perforation and possible folding of the material have been examined by water jet cutting. Three columnar exhibits have been realized and exhibited.

Further the work of some participants of the master studio Ceramic RE:VISIONS - which was held together with Martin Bechthold in the fall term 2014/15 - have been presented as part of a special exhibition.