elements are lightweight and strong wooden construction elements that can be used to build roofs and structural floors with large clear spans. They have a linear cellular structure: strips of timber form top and bottom flanges, and they are connected by zigzag webs of plywood or OSB. The ability to bridge large spans maximizes the flexibility of how the enclosed space is used. This meets the important architectural demand to be able to rearrange interior layouts throughout the lifetime of a building. Other outstanding aspects of Kielsteg elements are the ability to create cantilevered projecting roofs, the low built height, the ability to use the internal cavities for wiring and piping, and the aesthetically pleasing lower surface.

Text: Kielsteg GmbH

2015 was awarded with materialsPREIS in the catagory 'wood and woodmaterials'.

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• Consulting and development services from prototyping to industrial manufacturing.
• Constructive and static consulting during the realisation of first construction projects.

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for the development and planning of automatic manufacturing processes.

Benefits of Kielsteg elements:

Economically feasible clear spans from 5–27 m
Can form cantilevered projecting roofs up to 10 m
Large clear spans ensure flexible use of enclosed space
Can be made flat or cambered to suit loading scenario
Aesthetically attractive surface


FFG, GK Construction GmbH, Land Steiermark

Project lead:
IGL (TU Graz)

Project partner:
Project partner: ITE (TU Graz), Kulmer Bau GsmbH, KS&Partner Science Park Graz, DI Stefan Krestel (Absolvent TU Graz)