Concrete Canoe 2017

The students of Graz University of Technology won the second price in the competition for construction with their canoe "Printess Layer" at the Betonkanu Regatta 2017" in Cologne. The canoe was produced using a 3D-printing method. A team from the research project COEBRO was part of the cooperation group and were responsible for the development and construction.



Thomas Laggner

Fuchs Alexandra

Harmuth Markus

Lanzinger Johann

Loidolt Markus

Luef Matthias

Matzler Dominik

Mlinar Dominik

Ohrnberger Sandro

Pirker Manuel

Rockenschaub Elisabeth

Telch Moritz

Valtingoier Marco


Peters Stefan

Trummer Andreas

Schmid Robert

Hansemann Georg