Institute of Structural Design - TU Graz

IASS 2017 08.09.2017
The annual IASS symposium will take place between September 25th and 28th in Hamburg, Germany.
This year Stefan Peters and Andreas Trummer are going to be part of the lecturers at this traditional symposium in Hamburg.

Bearing Structure 2 13.06.2017
By building a 2.5 m bridge structure, the architecture students build up a connection between their theoretic knowledge and the practice. The following loading test showed the advantages and disadvantages of the different structures.

Masterstudio 2017 15.02.2017

Design of a pedestrian bridge over the river Drava in Maribor (Slovenia).
Martin Knight (knight architects), Stefan Peters, Andreas Trummer, Daniel Gethmann.

Masterstudio 2016/17 - Final presentation 02.02.2017
The final presentation of the Masterstudio Velodromo Treviso takes place on the 2nd of February at 10.00 am in the Halle (Kronesgasse 5/1. floor).

Excursion - Ferry Dusika Stadion 11.10.2016
Studio - Velodromo Treviso
Excursion to the only velodrome in Austria

Masterstudio 2016/17 30.09.2016
Design of a velodrome in Treviso, Italy.

Supervisors: Stefan Peters, Andreas Trummer, Eva Pirker, Christoph Breser