Institute of Structural Design - TU Graz

Workshop 2 05.06.2019
Successful Workshop 2
We want to thank all participants of this productive week!

Brochure "Krottendorf - Gaisfeld" online! 24.04.2019
The brochure of Big Scale is published online! Have a look!

Workshop 2 20.03.2019
Registration starts on 4th or March!

Integral Design Studio SS2019 28.02.2019
This semester´s Integral Design Studio is dedicated to Gridshell Construction.
Registration starts on 5th of March!

Big Scale 26.02.2019
Big Scale - Digital Analysis of Load Bearing Structures SS 2019
Registration Deadline: 11th of March 2019!

Finalpresentation Integral Design Studio 01.02.2019
On 31st of January students from last Integral Design Studio "Il Prefabricato" presented their work from WS18/19 at Alte Technik.