Institute of Structural Design - TU Graz

Brochure "Krottendorf - Gaisfeld" online! 24.04.2019
The brochure of Big Scale is published online! Have a look!

Workshop 2 20.03.2019
Registration starts on 4th or March!

Integral Design Studio SS2019 28.02.2019
This semester´s Integral Design Studio is dedicated to Gridshell Construction.
Registration starts on 5th of March!

Big Scale 26.02.2019
Big Scale - Digital Analysis of Load Bearing Structures SS 2019
Registration Deadline: 11th of March 2019!

Finalpresentation Integral Design Studio 01.02.2019
On 31st of January students from last Integral Design Studio "Il Prefabricato" presented their work from WS18/19 at Alte Technik.

Integral Design Studio WS2018/19 28.09.2018
This winter term masterstudio is about the work of Angelo Mangiarotti, the art of concrete in northern Italy and current approaches for concrete as it is 3D printing or ultra-high performance concrete.